The Best Architecture Instagram Accounts to Follow 

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Without any formal education in the subject, it can be hard for the layperson to stay up to date with the architecture world. Fortunately, Instagram offers a great way to follow the many, many accounts that focus on all all aspects of architecture, from conceptual drawings to beautiful classical buildings. Whether you’re deep in the design world or you’re an armchair architect, there’s no shortage of inspiration. 

Here, we run down some of our favorite accounts, including Instagrams from popular magazines, collaborative and student projects, and niche accounts run by casual enthusiasts.


Dezeen is young in magazine terms, but pretty old in internet terms (formed in 2015). It has already grown to be considered one of the best of its kind, and its website features in depth articles and reviews.

Give it a follow if: You love contemporary architecture, great photography, and thoughtful interior design.

Architecture Digest

Architectural Digest was formed in 1920, and it’s one of a few architecture/interior design magazines that’s a household name.

Give it a follow if: you like a heavy dose of interior design with your architecture. While Architectural Digest admittedly leans more toward interior design, its architecture content is beautiful, features detailed captions, and can appeal to broad tastes.

Super Architects

Super Architects doesn’t have its own website, just Facebook and Instagram accounts. But, it has earned the follows of LACMA and Wallpaper Mag, and others in the architecture community.

Give it a follow if: You like designs and concepts as much as you like actual buildings. Also, if you don’t object to the occasional drawing, painting, or viral video.

Mid Century Houses


Mid Century Houses is a pretty self explanatory name for the account, and it features a mix of interiors and architecture.

Give it a follow if: You’re going to name your first born “Eames.” You have a strong sense of nostalgia for that vintage Palm Springs/LA look of low houses, angular roofs, and palm trees sprouting up seemingly out of nowhere.

Design Boom

Design Boom, founded in 1999, claims to be the “first and most popular digital architecture, art and technology publication.”

Give it a follow if: You love art and conceptual photography. The website features a good deal of furniture design and visual art, and the Instagram features colorful, cutting edge buildings alongside its design content.

Arch Daily

ArchDaily is another one of the heavy hitters, followed by 1.4 million accounts including Architectural Digest and some of the other accounts featured in this article.

Give it a follow if: You appreciate the occasional design or artwork, but you mostly want to see modern and contemporary buildings.


While Brutgroup has its own book for sale, it’s another of the social media only accounts. Its focus is on brutalist architecture.

Give it a follow if: You love brutalism and have an appreciation for Soviet Era imagery.


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“[un]finished” by André Barros #art #artitecture #architecture #koozarch You talk about leaving the landscape abstract to allow space for the viewers imagination, is this an approach you explore through all your representations? Definitely. I like working with collages and illustrations because they do not feed a ready vision of reality that can be instantly consumed. To spatially comprehend these spaces, the reader has to go through a much more engaging and intimate process of imagining that place in their head – and no two people will imagine it the same. In this case, as important as the landscape was, being specific would only limit this capability of making it a more personal experience. When I approach each project, however, I like to ponder on what has to be clear and what could be abstracted so these relationships can take place.

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KooZA/rch is one of the more conceptual accounts featured in this list, and encourages creativity by allowing submissions and hosting competitions

Give it a follow if: You’re a fan of drawings, paintings, and digital renderings with detailed explanations. Also, you’re not afraid of things that are more creative than practical. 

Architecture Hunter

Architecture Hunter is a sort of a moodboard of its founder, architecture student Amanda Ferber. It consists of unapologetically sleek photos of buildings drawn from around the web.

Give it a follow if:  You like contemporary buildings with lines so sharp they could cut your eye just looking at them. It’s very strongly curated and united by a central aesthetic, so if you like one of the photos you’ll probably like them all.

The B.N.A.

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working progress model by: @delacourtvanbeek | [ ] Send your work to @the_b.n.a or tag #thebna #thebestnewarchitects ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••#arquitectura #urbanism #urbanismo #landscape #paisaje #architectureschool #architecturemodel #architecture_magazine #architecture_hunter #architecturedetail #architectureporn #architecturedaily #architecturelover #architecturestudent #architected #architecture_masters #architecturephotos #instaarch #archlife #architecturemodel #architecturegram #architecture_best #architecturepicture #architechture #architettura #archiprix #archiprixchile #architecture

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Another Instagram-only account that welcomes submissions, and has a heavy focus on concepts.

Give it a follow if: You like models. While many of these accounts focus on renderings, The B.N.A. (Best New Architects) has a lot of interesting architecture models — sometimes it’s nice to see a physical version of a concept.    

New Classical Architecture


New Classical Architecture doesn’t have a location, website, or any links in its bio. It just says “Once Upon Our Time.” While the account itself is mysterious, the architecture isn’t; it consists of opulent classical designs.

Give it a follow if: You’re more into marble, Corinthian columns, and luxurious interiors than the ultra-modern designs that tend to be more popular on Instagram

The Spaces Mag

The Spaces site features articles on architecture, art, and design, as well as a selection of houses and apartments on the market around the world. 

Give it a follow if: You’re not just in it for the pretty pictures — The Spaces features book recommendations and articles alongside interior design and architecture. If you’re just in it for the pretty pictures though, follow anyway. There’s a lot of that, too. 

One Night Stand LA

One Night Stand is quite unlike anything else on this list. It brings together artists and architects to exhibit works inside of motel rooms, exclusively for one night. It’s described as an “event,” but it’s more of an ongoing series of exhibitions throughout LA that are open to the public. Or at least, the public that are in the know. 

Give it a follow if: you like the idea of architecture as performance art.

Wallpaper Mag

The highly regarded and influential Wallpaper Magazine has the broadest scope of the publications on this list, and its site features categories including Art, Travel, Fashion, and Lifestyle. Its Instagram reflects its broad focus, but there’s a lot of great architecture and design. 

Give it a follow if: Your design tastes are broad but largely contemporary.  

The Irish Aesthete

The Irish Aesthete chronicles old structures across Ireland, including fortresses, churches, mausoleums, and the like. The account also has a blog run by a published author and magazine contributor named Robert O’Byrne. Here, he photographs the structures and includes histories.

Give it a follow if: you wanted to live in a castle as a kid, and that never changed. 


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