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As most people who love living in the city can tell you, most of the time you don’t have to go far to find inspiration. Whether it’s the small scribbles of street artists, striking architecture, or different ways people interact with each other and their environments, interesting ideas abound in urban spaces. That’s why ever since the advent of the camera, gifted photographers around the world have pointed their lenses toward the city, often at its most mundane. Inspiration can strike in the form of people walking their dogs or waiting for the train — these moments tell tales that are both unique to their environment and universally appealing. Below, we’ve compiled some of our favorite street and urban photographers on Instagram who you might not already follow. Some of them are avant-garde, some focus on light and silhouettes, but they all continue to inspire us creatively.  



Jeffrey De Keyser is a Belgian photographer who with an eye for the eccentric. He seeks to question “the conflict between the human tendency to seek meaning and purpose in life and the human inability to find any.”


Arez Prod

Arez Prod is an Italian based photographer, whose unique photography focuses on people’s fleeting movements and shadowed silhouettes, which gives many of the photos’ subjects an anonymous and enigmatic quality.



German based street photographer Fabian Schreyer injects his photos with playfulness and a keen attention to color and patterns.


Street Photography Journal is a collective featuring contemporary and historic photography, with a decidedly mid-century American style.


Ely Barrera Jr. uses a muted palette and focuses on people in everyday environments, with various photos of people crossing streets or walking in front of interesting backdrops.



Vincent Brenot is a French photographer who captures the many interesting ways light and shadows play on people walking, running, and biking on the street.



Akito Tatsumi is an Osaka based Japanese street photographer who focuses on interesting architecture and capturing people going about their days.


Taweechai Iam masterfully juxtaposes people with their environments, creating eye catching photos that are often as humorous as they are artful.


Guy Bolongaro is a London based photographer and filmmaker who uses bright colors and close-ups in fascinatingly odd photos of old people, cats, and people’s arms and legs.


German photographer Max Slobodda uses light in compelling ways, situating his work between art and street photography. He often frames photos in such a way that parts of people’s bodies appear to be jutting out from buildings and walls, seemingly blending people with their environments.



Jure Matičič is a Slovenian street photographer who captures people and places around the world, working with both color and black and white.


Dante Sisofo’s photography can best be understood as photojournalism by way of street photography — Sisofo captures important contemporary events such as the Israeli-Palestinian conflict from the West Bank.



Monika Krzyskowska is a Polish street photographer, whose Instagram bio reads “STREET-KIDS.” As the name implies, Krzyszkowska’s street photography focuses on children and youths.


Munich Street Collective  is a fairly new account with a small but expanding following. The collective focuses on the thriving Munich street photography scene, and occasionally features some of the other photographers on this list.


Eugene Ivánov  

Moscow photographer Eugene Ivánov captures the often underappreciated beauty of Moscow’s streets with a certain enthusiasm for transit — streets themselves, bicyclists, cars, buses, and subway stations.


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