“Photos are a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone.”


We all have favorite travel photos. They return us to these happy moments and inspire to go travel again. It’s a great idea to take advantage of these beautiful images by using them as your home decorations. Photos can make your home cozier and warmer place. In this collection, we have put together 20 creative ways to display your travel photos. Here you will find some interesting ideas, such as photo collage in an old window or frame, pictures in a bottle, letters, DIY metal wire, and many more.

Choose the idea you like the most and try to recreate it at home. Don’t hesitate to share with us images of your experiments in the comments.


1. The photo in a bottle


This is a unique and creative way to display travel photos. Find some simple, clear bottles and insert your images there. The idea is similar to a classic ship bottle, but with a photo.


2. Mini Instagram Album


This is a mini album that easily folds into a nice small box. Here you can find a step-by-step tutorial on how to create this lovely piece yourself.


3. DIY Travel Collage


Don’t know what to do with tickets, photos, and maps from your latest vacation? Here is a fantastic idea on how to turn all last trip’s things into a beautiful colorful collage.


4. Travel Photo Collage Ideas


This is another great idea on how to use your best travel photos. You can print them and hang on the wall side by side. You can make posters with photos and text of your choice.


5. DIY Photo Letters


You can take your own initials and put photos on top of them. These letters can also be a lovely idea of a present for a birthday or other occasion.


6. Photo Coffee Table


You can place a photo collage right on top of your coffee table. It could be a great conversation starter for your guests and an excellent way to display your travel photos.


7. Frame Your Photos


If you have an old frame at home, you can give it a new life with this beautiful idea. Staple the hemp on the back of your frame, and use clothespins to attach your travel photos to the rope. 


8. Large White Wire for Photos


This is an industrial style mood board that can be made our of white wire grid. You can use pins to attach photos, cards, or quotes to this wire. Use it to decorate your workspace or bedroom.


9. Driftwood Photo Display


Create a stunning piece of home decor and highlight favorite moments with this driftwood photo display by Handimania. You can use any wood you have and combine different photos that suit each other.


10. Collage Kit by Tezza


Tezza is a popular Instagram blogger. She came up with this gorgeous photo wall that will spice up any room interior. It is a perfect mix of travel, lifestyle, nature, and art photography.


11. DIY: Instagram Collage Prints


You can order a photo print of any size or form these days. Here is one more idea on how to display a lot of photos at once with this beautiful poster.


12. Polaroid-like Collage


This is a photo collage on a hanger with Polaroid-style photos. It could be a great decoration for any room, and an idea for a gift.


13. Kitchen Photo Collage


Make a photo collage a part of your room’s aesthetics with wonderful collage. Of course, we all used to do photo collages at school, but when it comes to the interior, you need to pay extra attention to the photos you are going to display.


14. Macrame photo wall hanging


Macrame is a new interior design trend this year. This accessible guide will not only walk you through the process of creating a macrame for your home but also tell you how to turn it into a beautiful photo collage.


15. Photo Pillow Case


Yes, it sounds like a classic DIY idea, but a photo pillow still looks cozy and stylish. There are numerous services in your area that allows you to print any photo on a pillow. Why not display your travel photos this way?


16. Heart Photo Collage


Directly print photos in Polaroid style and attach them on a wall (or fridge) in the shape of a heart. By the way, this could be a handy trick for Valentine’s day.


17. DIY Photo Lamp


We have talked about photos on pillows and coffee tables, but did you know you could print your travel photos on a lampshade too? Open the link to find out how to do it.


18. Old Window Photo Collage


Use an old window as your advantage by making a photo collage. It is a great idea for a country house.


19. Photo Travel Map


Maybe it would be almost impossible to attach a photo on Luxembourg or Monaco, but it’s possible to attach a photo for each state in the U.S.


20. Photo holder Travels

travel photo holder

There are wooden letters that are saying ‘Travels,’ pins and ropes in this kit. Collect your favorite travel moments into a stunning photo collage.


What is your favorite way to display travel photos at home? What idea from this list you like the most and why? Share your thoughts with us in the comment field below. And stay tuned!





Nancy Young believes in the magic of written words to inspire and motivate. She is the founder of Onedesblog and loves creating showcases with beautiful graphics and photography. To read more from Nancy, check out her website.