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One of the most modernized cities in Central Asia is Nur-Sultan, the capital city of Kazakhstan. The city was previously called Astana, and a couple of months ago it was renamed in honor of their former president, Nursultan Nazarbayev. Since the fall of the Soviet Union, Kazakhstan has quickly grown economically and has been a hot zone for investments and development. It is the worlds largest landlocked country that host a vast amount of oil, gas, and other mineral resources. This helped propel them to be the most robust performing economies in Central Asia.


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Even though Tourism is not a significant part of its economy, the Kazakh government has been making it a goal to improve tourism by enhancing infrastructure, logistics, and hiring more jobs in the tourism industry, rightfully so. Kazakhstan is a beautiful country full of innovating architecture, rich culture, and nature that will blow you away. Here is our list of 3 reasons you should visit The Republic of Kazakhstan.




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This history of Kazakhstan dates back to the paleolithic era. However, it wasn’t until the Neolithic age that more nomads started settling into this area — the terrain and climate of this region perfectly suited nomads for agriculture and hunting and gathering lifestyle. It is even said that horses were first domesticated in this region of the world. The history of this country has developed through the many centuries, from the Mongol invasion to the rise of the Russian empire. Nevertheless, the country still cherishes its roots of nomadism. When visiting various parts of the Kazhakstan, you can still immerse your self in the traditional Kazakh culture. Many tours offer a chance to experience the nomadic life. You can stay in yurts (huts), learn how Kazakhs hunt with falcons, listen to folkloric music, watch horse-based sports, and eat traditional nomad dishes.


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“Kazakh” actually derives from the ancient Turkic word of qaz, which means “to wander.” The word “stan” translates to land, which makes Kazakhstan, wanders’ land. The sublime nature this country has to offer lives up to its name and is a wanderlust’s dream come true. It is home to mysterious landscapes, unique mountains, stunning deserts, incredible lakes, and endless steppe. If you are an adventurer, a trip here offers endless adventure and possibilities.


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Some suggestions are:

  • Road trip the Silk Road and make a stop at Turkistan
  • Horseback ride through the mountains with locals
  • Hike the many National Parks, especially Bayanaul
  • Visit Charyn Canyon, similar resemblance to the Grand Canyon in the US
  • Ski the most luxurious resort in central Asia, Shymbulak (like Prince Harry did)
  • Go Wildlife spotting for ibex, brown bears, mountain sheep, and golden eagles


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While it’s comfortable visiting a city that has robust tourism, there is no better feeling that choosing the off-beaten path. Kazakhstan remains mostly undiscovered, which gives visitors an authentic experience that most destinations no longer offer. Cities like Nur-Sultan and Almaty aren’t overrun by tourist but still have many cultural sites and modern wonders. What makes the major cities so special is the eclectic blend of east meets west with a hint of Soviet vibes. Don’t sleep on Almaty or Nur-Sultan; the young and cool Kazakhstanis are building the country’s future with trendy cafes, restaurants, and clubs.


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The best part of staying in Almaty or Nur-Sultan is these two major cities are very budget friendly. You can live like a king or queen for pennies on the dollars. Imagine staying at a Ritz-Carlton for just $150 a night, then pampering yourself at Аrasan Wellness Spa for cheap, and later feasting at the fine dining restaurant, Afisha. All at affordable prices.


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If you are the new breed of travelers in search of an unconventional destination full of adventure, then you should add Kazakhstan to your bucket list.



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