There is no denying that photography is an essential part of traveling. It’s important to capture and bring back memorable moments from your trips. Everybody wants to look good in their travel photos, but did you know that you can improve your pictures by following some simple tips? In this article, I will present you six simple tricks and tips for creating perfect photos. You can also implement these tips when shooting your favorite places, food, friends, sunsets, etc. You will increase your photography skills with no to little effort, so let’s start!

TIP #1

Use the Rule of Thirds

Most people focus their object in the middle of the photo as that is our instinct.

However, did you know that you can make your photos look a lot more aesthetic if you implement a rule of thirds?

It's simple:

Don't center your subject. Instead, divide your photo in tick-tack-toe board and place the most crucial part of the picture on those vertical and horizontal lines.

Rule of thirds will help you emphasize the more critical parts of the photo and characterize a better relationship between a viewer and a photo.

It is a straightforward trick that most of the non-photographers don't know. You can test it yourself right now and see the difference. Take your camera and take two photos of any object that is in front of you.

In the first photo focus entire photo of the object in the center, and the second photoshoot the same purpose but follow the rule of third.

Do you see how the second photo look more appealing with this simple trick? Let's keep going.

TIP #2

Avoid Camera Shake

Have you ever saw how professional photographers use a tripod for even the most trivial situations? There is a reason behind this.

Even the slightest camera blur can make your photos look unpleasing to the human eye. To avoid this, make sure you are holding your mobile phone or a camera with both hands, and prevent any unnecessary movement. Keep your camera close to your body as it provides additional stability.

This might not seem like some advice at first, but trust me, it will make your photos look sharper, and it will bring them one step closer to perfection.

TIP #3

Use Simple Backgrounds

You might have an urge to take a photo of yourself with a flashy background behind you. But in most situations, this is not the proper thing to do, and it will result in an unattractive photo.

Instead, go for more simple backgrounds with neutral colors and simple patterns. You want people that are watching a photo to be attracted to your main focal point rather than unusual colors or background behind you.

Sure, there are some expectations to this rule, but for the most photos, the more simplify the background is, the better the picture will turn out.

TIP #4

Don't Use Flash Indoors

Almost every mobile phone comes with flash nowadays, and by default, they are on when you are indoors because of low-light situations.

But flash can make your photo seem unnatural, especially if we are talking about portraits.

Instead, try to be creative and use different sources of light indoors, such as a lamp that is covered by red textile. Even using a candle or lighter will work well indoors as it provides a softer and natural kind of light.

If you have to use a flash, use one with a rotating head. Or borrow a phone from your friend and point it up to the ceiling under a 45-degree angle.

Pointing flash directly is rarely a good idea, and it is a recipe for disaster.

TIP #5

It's All About Lighting

Light is all around us. Still, there are many different kinds of lights and light sources. I don't want to get technical with you and use terms that you won't understand so I will keep it simple.

What light is best when trying to shoot a perfect photo?

Answer on this question is rather simple:

Magic hour.

Magic hour is a period directly before and after sunset where you still have some direct light from the setting sun but also more softly reflecting light that extends through the entire sky.

Instead of bright yellow light, you will have all sorts of different colors at your disposal.

Have you ever wondered why sunset photos are so amazing?

Every photo of a sunset is taken during this period, which by itself allows for a more beautiful spectrum of colors and good lighting.

TIP #6

Use Left Side of Your Face

This tip applies when taking selfies, but that is the most common type of photos we take for social media. Also, it is so simple that I have to include it in the list.

According to research by Wake Forest University, people are more attractive when their left side of the face is showing.

From now on, when you are taking selfies, use an angle that makes your left side of the face visible.

And finally, my bonus tip for creating perfect photos will require a little bit more effort, but it is worth it in the long run.

Invest some time in learning more about photography, especially try to read more about composition and light since that is one of the most important aspects of photography. Even if you do own DSLR camera, don’t invest in expensive camera gear and fancy lenses. Sure they help, but when it comes to taking professional photos, knowledge is the key. Use Google, search for the most common questions you have about photography, and read a couple of guides. You will be amazed to learn how good photography is more; then it seems it is.



John Bennet is a professional photographer and co-founder of LensesPro. He shoots for PhotoNow Magazine and has a great deal of knowledge and passion for photography and camera lenses.


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