London’s Themed Bars Prove Nightlife Can Be Playful

Among all the old-school pubs and flashy nightclubs, a new experience has taken over London’s nightlife scene. Immersive cocktail experiences are all the rage in the UK capital, with several ornately themed bars opening in the past year



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7 Small Towns In Europe Worth Visiting

Even though big capitals like Paris and London are the most popular places for tourists to visit in Europe, there are several small towns that are well worth a visit. Escape the bustle of the city and enjoy all the food, history, and culture of a country in a more relaxed setting by visiting one of…

Short Reads For Long Flights

There are people who cannot fall asleep on airplanes. I know, for a fact, that I am one of them. Once, in an attempt to force myself to fall asleep during a marathon flight from London, England to Los Angeles, CA, I stayed awake for most of the night before.

How Los Angeles Impacted The Art World

Los Angeles has long been the epicenter of the American low-brow and pop culture landscape. Movies and  TV shows have long been filmed (and set in) LA, making the city the center of pop culture. But the city's value as an influence for highbrow and fine art has long been undersold.

Is Fashion Art? For The Team Behind Motif No.3, The Answer Is Clearly Yes

I meet Maggie and Joel Bear at Maru Coffee, a small, airy cafe tucked into an industrial part of the downtown LA Arts District. The husband and wife duo are one half of the team behind leather bag brand Motif No. 3, whose products are as high-minded and conceptual as the cryptic name might imply.

Raw Concrete: The Beauty of Brutalism

Architecture, far more than simply structures and buildings, often serves as a representation of how a city views itself. Like fashion, the design of a building is a projection of what’s inside -- in a sense, architecture is what a group of people values and what they want to project to others.