A Mismatch Voyage: Navigating the globe with an adventurous traveler and a first-timer

We all desire that dream vacation, usually with someone we love, seeing the world, and bringing out the best in ourselves. But what if two very different people wanted to travel together? Does the experienced traveler make all the decisions? How will a newbie react to jet lag or culture shock or trying new foods? These are all common questions we ask ourselves before traveling with someone for the first time.

Adventure traveler and Lores Writer, Bridget Teixeira, vacationing with First-time traveler and boyfriend, Jason.


My boyfriend, Jason, had never left the country or even been on a plane when we met. He was unprepared, to say the least. After two years together, I asked him to go to Mexico with me. It took me a long time to stop laughing after he asked me if I had a good travel agent. It was clear he had no idea how to plan a trip, or that in the age of apps, like Hopper and Airbnb, we can find the best prices ourselves. After digesting all the questions he had, I realized we had our work cut out for us.

I have always been interested in adventuring to new places. My grandfather, a Brazilian jazz pianist, has toured around the world and has inspired me with travel stories over the years.

With Jason only two months away from graduating college, I could not think of a better opportunity to begin our travels than a much-needed spring break trip. Cancún was my dream Mexican vacation, because what else would be on a college student’s bucket list?

He was so terrified of messing up the bookings for our first trip that he asked I be responsible for all the flights, hotel, and planning accommodations. Next came the tricky part; THE PASSPORT. I assured him it would be worth the application paperwork, passport photos, and the hefty fees.

After months of preparation, it was finally time for our Mexican adventure to begin. I assisted with packing tips, and with an anxious night’s sleep, we had a 7am flight to catch. I’ll admit I may have gone overboard with my incessant, “you got your passport?” on the way to the airport, or “you doing okay?” on the plane, but he seemed confident on the journey.

“I have always been interested in adventuring to new places. My grandfather, a Brazilian jazz pianist, has toured around the world and has inspired me with travel stories over the years.”

-Bridget Teixeira


We stayed at the Oasis Palm resort, with access to the Grand Oasis resort, in beautiful Cancún, Mexico. We went on a Xenotes Oasis Maya excursion day trip that included kayaking, zip-lines, cliff jumping, and more, and we had the time of our lives. (For those interested, the excursion was provided by Xcaret, which I whole-heartedly recommend).

I became so preoccupied with Jason’s first trip, afraid a negative experience would discourage him from traveling, that I forgot how much I was looking forward to Mexico. Once we arrived, Jason’s happiness and willingness to explore the unknown, reminded me of why I wanted to travel with him in the first place. He tried new foods, embarrassingly practiced his Spanish, and adapted to the environment (which included multiple applications of SPF 100).

What at first, seemed like a catch-22 resulted in the realization that there is always a lesson to be learned along the way. Jason and I are very different people, but traveling together has taught us how compatible we truly are.


Now, three years later, we have traveled to several countries together. It is incredible to see how much this small-town farm boy has opened his heart and mind to new experiences, languages, and cultures. Safe to say we are now both victims of the travel bug.