A Quiet Paris Speaks The Loudest

A Personal Essay by Vanessa Molina


Paris, France has long been one of Europe’s most talked-about and visited cities. Whether it’s being the epicenter of fashion, art, and cuisine, or just a long-awaited romantic dream, Paris is a city on everyone’s bucket list. For myself, it was a faraway fantasy that I expected to reach one day at a much older age. It almost appeared as though this place were untouchable. All the pictures you see of the Eiffel tower, and its scintillating lights in the nighttime stays imprinted on your brain. A perfect climate where the wind is smooth and gentle and a nighttime stroll could be enough to complete this beautiful scenery. What an unknown world this was for me.

As fate would have it, I had the chance to meet this astounding tower earlier this year, in March 2019. I greeted the tower in Awe; I could not believe my eyes. This moment was almost farfetched; no picture can prepare you for this. Staring into the spine of this gorgeous monstrosity at midday, you can see and hear much more than you would at night when the tower turns into a prop for a Daft Punk show. You focus on its perfect stance, silhouette, and the sounds of the French streaming through the designed gaps of puddling iron. This tower stared back at me with so much poise, so much strength. The influence of the French people awakens through this piece, so much so, that it makes the open sky seem so inferior. Rising above residential buildings yet still rooted deeply with its people, the tower seems to accomplish the impossible. The climate stood aground from any direction the tower pointed. So subtle and calm, with enough coolness to bring sudden chills. In architecture all around the world, it’s assumed that the tallest building conveys what is most important for that city.

The Eiffel tower, with a symbol of love, attracts and unites people from all around the world. A lovely figure, constantly receiving devoted gazes by those admired by it and reflecting it back onto them. As these thoughts run through your head, you focus on nothing except that tower, while at the same time focusing on everything the tower accentuates. At last, you notice how loud Paris is without its lights…


The Le Gamin Bar in Paris is another loved spot that brings the people in with its aura and the wonderful atmosphere created by Egyptian owners Mikhael and Imene. On what is known as typically slow nights at Le Gamine, like a Wednesday or Thursday, Michael and Imene’s verbal invitation will bring you on over as they casually chill outside of those bright red doors. Once you step foot in this place, you become family.

The music could be Hispanic, could be the hottest hits of the early 2000s, or maybe even Egyptian/ Middle Eastern sounds. However, one thing is for sure, the good energy, great conversations, and the welcoming feeling will make you love this place like no other. Something as modest as a heart-to-heart with a local while filling your belly, or perhaps the sudden ignition of fire on the bar table, you will have whatever you come looking for in this place. Your time here will surely be memorable. It has easy in and out access to smoke freely as you wish, like many Parisians are accustomed to do, and they also offer great happy hour specials that range from 4 to 7 euros a drink. It is safe to say you’ll leave this place feeling better than how you came in. On such a quiet street, this proves to be another location in Paris that has much to say.

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