Have you ever swam up to a pizza boat in the middle of the Caribbean? The real question is, have you ever swam up to a pizza boat anywhere? Well, I can tell you I have, and it’s just as gratifying as it sounds.


Photos by Ryan McElroy


My girlfriend and I planned a trip to St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands over Winter break to escape the cold New Jersey weather. We both share a passion for sea turtles and exploring new unique destinations. We started researching for things to do in St. Thomas. Of course, food is always on the agenda when planning any trip. PiZZA Pi popped up in our search as one of the top restaurants on the island, so we just had to check it out.



PiZZA Pi is located in Christmas Cove just outside of St. Thomas, USVI is a 37-foot sailboat that cures your hunger on the open water. We got a ride out on a little dingy boat and pulled up to a sailboat docked in the middle of the ocean. You could smell the aroma of pizza fused with the fresh sea breeze. The menu was full of options along with ice cream, merchandise, and also alcoholic beverages. You can even place an order through your boat’s radio. The crew was excellent and very welcoming when we arrived. After we ordered a Mad Mushroom pizza and took sweet mango shots, we anxiously awaited our pizza and took in the gorgeous Caribbean sunset. I thought to myself what could be better than this… drinks, pizza, warm weather, out on the water with my girl and no worries at all. PiZZA Pi is a little slice of heaven in an already existing paradise.



Snorkeling, sailing, swimming, and soaking up the sun can be tiring right? Well, your solution is floating right on top of the crystal clear waters. You can boat up to this water vessel and pick up a pizza just like any curbside to go restaurant. Don’t feel like moving? They will deliver authentic New York style pizza to you. PiZZA Pi is a must, great experience for all ages. The pizza and the experience didn’t disappoint and instead exceeded our expectations. Although we did a bunch of other cool activities during our stay in St. Thomas, visiting PiZZA Pi was surely a memory we won’t forget.


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