New Orleans is as well loved for its vibrant nightlife as it is its culinary scene and cultural treasures. This makes the city a draw for people of all ages and walks of life. People sometimes assume that New Orleans is just a place to party, but it's as vibrant in the day as it is at night.

The Best Practical Gifts For Travelers, Techies, and Everyone Else

There are two types of great practical gifts. The first is the thing you know they need. Maybe they've been dropping subtle (and not so subtle) hints about how their waffle iron stopped working and oh, it's the holiday season? What a coincidence.

Footwear for Frequent Flyers

There are two schools of thought when it comes to choosing the shoes you wear to the airport. The first school says you put on comfortable shoes that are easy to take off, so you don't look like an oaf fumbling with laces at security. The second says that you wear your heaviest shoes, the ones that would add a ton of weight and take up too much space in your bag.

Must-See Films About Space Travel

The first published depiction of a manned artificial satellite was in a work of speculative fiction that appeared in The Atlantic (then known as The Atlantic Monthly) in 1868. "The Brick Moon" by Edward Everett Hale imagined the construction of a giant sphere constructed of bricks that could serve as a navigational aide.

Fool Proof Cold Weather Style

Fall and Winter are often the favored seasons when it comes to clothing, for the simple reason that it's an opportunity to wear more of it. Sometimes, simply adding your favorite jacket to a jeans-and-t-shirt outfit turns it into a capital-l Look, and the months of October through March offer ample opportunities to layer up.

Short Reads For Long Flights

There are people who cannot fall asleep on airplanes. I know, for a fact, that I am one of them. Once, in an attempt to force myself to fall asleep during a marathon flight from London, England to Los Angeles, CA, I stayed awake for most of the night before.

Exploring The Los Angeles Art Haven In The Heart Of Chinatown

Between the arts district, MOCA’s two locations, and The Broad, downtown Los Angeles is a must-visit for art-lovers. Hidden from the main streets and these famous locations are a smattering of some of LA’s best galleries, including a robust art scene in Chinatown.

How Los Angeles Impacted The Art World

Los Angeles has long been the epicenter of the American low-brow and pop culture landscape. Movies and  TV shows have long been filmed (and set in) LA, making the city the center of pop culture. But the city's value as an influence for highbrow and fine art has long been undersold.

The Complex History Behind Summer’s Best Cocktail

It’s no small irony that summer’s best cocktail is associated with a country better known for rain and fog than sunshine. I’m referring to the gin and tonic, a drink that was created during the height of the British Empire.

Three Key Tips To Make The Most Out Of Traveling Alone

“Alone” is one of those words with an unnecessarily negative connotation -- people conflate it with loneliness and despondency, assuming that if a person is alone it’s because they have no one to spend time with.

Inside Cuba’s Tech Revolution

Anyone who doubts that the tech revolution has touched every corner of the globe needs only to look to Cuba, where the island notorious for its lack of technology and famous for its proliferation of 50's cars is fostering a bourgenoing start-up culture. From digital magazines to apps that work offline, a new generation of creatives is giving the tech giants of Silicon Valley a run for their money in terms of sheer ingenuity.

Mark Bradford is Los Angeles’ Defining Artist

Mark Bradford was chosen to represent the United States at the 2017 Venice Biennale, which is one of the most prestigious art events in the world. The 57-year-old has more than earned it -- while his career only formally began in the new millennium, the prolific artist has quickly become one of the most sought after and acclaimed artists of our time.

Essential West Coast Coffee Institutions

It seems almost ridiculous to describe a beverage that’s been consumed since at least the 16th century as “booming,” but coffee, for lack of a better word, is booming. Even in tea strongholds like the UK, coffee has made major inroads.

Tips to Survive Cycling to Work in the City

Bicycle riding has historically been and still remains one of the best ways to get around. Despite constant improvements and innovations in cars -- and the relative stagnancy of bicycle improvements -- the humble two wheeler still remains more popular worldwide than the automobile.

Is Fashion Art? For The Team Behind Motif No.3, The Answer Is Clearly Yes

I meet Maggie and Joel Bear at Maru Coffee, a small, airy cafe tucked into an industrial part of the downtown LA Arts District. The husband and wife duo are one half of the team behind leather bag brand Motif No. 3, whose products are as high-minded and conceptual as the cryptic name might imply.

Stylish Luggage Makes Air Travel (Slightly) More Bearable

At the risk of stating the painfully obvious, flying can be stressful. There's the paranoid grasping at pockets to ensure the passport is still there and the incessant checking of the gate numbers, coupled with the near certainty of catching a cold. To top it off, after an already long flight comes an even longer wait at the baggage carousel.

Country Music’s New Era

Despite obvious and stark auditory differences between hip hop and country music, the two genres are steeped in a lot of the same history. As such, they've both been subjected to many of the same critiques -- scrutiny has been leveled at lyrical content that's seen as celebratory of hedonistic behavior, and subtly elitist attitudes often seep into discussions of both genres

Different Coffee From Around The World

For devout coffee drinkers, however, it often seems like there's not much in the way of variety -- the choice seemingly comes down to espresso or drip, and if you want a small, medium, or large. And, while good old fashioned black coffee is good all the time (except maybe before bed), it leaves out a world of innovation regarding the little black bean that powers the world.


Musicians and artists have always faced an uphill battle to get a fair shake, whether that's from consumers, record labels, or venues. As it has with most things, the internet has both created new opportunities and compounded these challenges. Labels and artists were forced to adapt to file-sharing services like Napster and Limewire in the early aughts.

15 Great Architecture Instagram Accounts to Follow

Without any formal education in the subject, it can be hard for the layperson to stay up to date with the architecture world. Fortunately, Instagram offers a great way to follow the many, many accounts that focus on all all aspects of the architecture world, from conceptual drawings to beautiful classical buildings.