Indonesia is one of the worlds largest coffee exporters with each island having its own distinct taste and flavor.  The island of Bali is the place where all of the best coffee beans come together to wow locals and visitors from around the world. The competition among the different roasters in Bali creates for a coffee scene that pushes the boundaries of roasting. Check out these coffee shops …




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The Revolver cafe revolutionized the coffee scene in Bali and is now one of the most famous coffee houses on the island. Tucked in an alley off the main drag in Seminyak, Revolver is a great place for delicious food, coffee, and cold drinks. It’s also famous for its gritty and trendy decor. Make sure to walk around the whole establishment, especially in the back where you can find their Instagram-able pink lounge.

Instagram: @revolverespresso

Photo by @chielouge

Revolver Boutique Coffee House

Jalan Kayu Aya Gang 51, Seminyak

Open 7 AM – 5 PM for Breakfast & Lunch

Revolver Night 5 PM – Late

7 days a week


Baby Revolver

Jl Petitenget #102, Seminyak

Open 6.30 AM – 3 PM for Breakfast & Lunch

Coffee & Drinks until 4.30 PM

7 days a week





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The perfect bean is a combination of both art and science. Well, then the team at Expat are both artist and scientist! Expat Roasters is a specialty coffee producer that recognizes superior beans and know how to deliver great flavors in a cup. Their award-winning head roaster, Shae Macnamara, is taking Seminyak’s coffee drinking to revolutionary new standards.

Instagram: @expatroasters


Photo by Expat. Roasters

Jalan Kayu Cendana, No.7, Seminyak

Open 7am – 5pm

7 days a week





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In order to really appreciate your coffee, you have to watch the baristas work their magic. Pison offers great views of the baristas doing their thing from the upstairs seating. But this isn’t what will have you coming back. Its the signature, Avocado Espresso, Affogato, and cappuccinos.  This place is more than just a coffee shop and eatery, they also have live music in the evenings. So make sure to make Pison a stop for coffee on your next Bali trip.

Instagram: @Pisoncoffee

Photo by Pison Coffee

Open 8am – 11pm

7 days a week





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One of the most unique cafes in Uluwatu.  The Drifter cafe and shop stays close to the spirit of the surf culture. It’s known for its great tasting dishes and epic surf vibe. It also brews some of Indonesia’s finest coffee from Mandailing Estate in Sumatra. A must stop when visiting Uluwatu Temple or just hanging out in the area.

Instagram: @drifterbali

Jl. Labuansait No.52, Pecatu, Kuta Sel

Open 7am-10pm 

7 days a week






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If you work remotely or just need to catch up on some emails, this cafe is a great place to sip on some coffee and get some work done. Freak Coffee is a favorite in Ubud for many locals and expats. Freak actually stands for “Fresh Roasted ‘Enak’ Arabica from Kintanami”. They source local organic arabica beans from a small plantation in the northeastern part of Bali, which makes for espresso that is served fresh to customers within 24 hours of roasting.

Instagram: @freakcoffee_bali

Photo by @dy_ellie

Jl. Hanoman No.17, Ubud

Open 8am – 8pm

7 days a week