we have put together 20 creative ways to display your travel photos. Here you will find some interesting ideas, such as photo collage in an old window or frame, pictures in a bottle, letters, DIY metal wire, and many more.


If you are looking for the off-beaten path, then this is your next destination. Kazakhstan is a beautiful country full of innovating architecture, rich culture, and nature that will blow you away. Here is our list of 3 reasons you should visit Kazakhstan.


The Gold Rush Era Town of Placerville, California is a great road-trip stop that offers a historical main street sure to make you feel like you went back in time. Check out this quick guide by Jessica Wright of Bon Traveler.


A perfect day in Honfleur, France is simply strolling through the cobbled alleys admiring the half-timbered homes and wooden churches or wandering among the Vieux Bassin (harbor) to enjoy the old fishing boats and picturesque houses. All the sites and museums are all within walking distance. So don't rush, enjoy your walk around this charming french seaside town.


Indonesia is one of the worlds largest coffee exporters with each island having its own distinct taste and flavor.  The island of Bali is the place where all of the best coffee beans come together to wow locals and visitors from around the world. The competition among the different roasters in Bali creates for a coffee scene that pushes the boundaries of roasting. Check out these coffee shops when you are in Bali.


We gathered valuable travel tips from touring musicians that know what's its like to be on the go. From Beyonce's guitarist to Panic! At The Disco's Bassist. Here is expert advice from artists on the road.


Amalfi Coast Terrace is situated in Atrani, one of the most beautiful villages in the Amalfi coast. Stay at this mediterranean and rustic style villa for the authentic Italian summer experience.


Norway's arctic wilderness is home to the Sami people and their reindeer herds. For 5000 years, their society has blossomed in a place where others find it hard to survive. Discover their ancient culture and listen to their lores.


Discover the most underrated city in Germany. The city guide you should read before planning your trip to Stuttgart.


Australian based travel brand, TrvlBoutiq, just launched their latest accessory that has travel bloggers excited.


From planning your itinerary to booking your hotels, we’ve got the top travel apps of 2019 to help you on your next vacation.


The Wave in Arizona is a dream destination for hikers and photographers. It is also one of the hardest permits to get, only 20 people allowed a day.


If you are looking for hidden live music. Below is a list of the quirkiest, most inspiring music venues on the east coast.


New Orleans is as well loved for its vibrant nightlife as it is its culinary scene and cultural treasures. This makes the city a draw for people of all ages and walks of life. People sometimes assume that New Orleans is just a place to party, but it's as vibrant in the day as it is at night.


Looking for daily inspiration, travel advice, beautiful photos, or simply for new travel pages to follow? The Lores Magazine curates the top Instagram travel accounts to follow for 2019.

Mo’orea: The Hidden Gem of French Polynesia

When you think about French Polynesia, you most likely think about Bora Bora. Bora Bora is known to be one of the most beautiful, picturesque and once-in-a-lifetime destinations, and for good reason. However, an important thing to know, is that a ticket from Tahiti to Bora Bora (about an hour long flight) can often cost the same price (or more) than your international ticket to Tahiti from the US!

A Day On The Waves With Life Rolls On

Jesse Billauer is a surfer of a rare talent and unique tenacity. Jesse was an avid surfer for years, but in March of 1996 his surfboard struck a shallow sandbar. He was thrown from his board with such force that his spinal cord was severed and he was paralyzed from the neck down.

The Best Practical Gifts For Travelers, Techies, and Everyone Else

There are two types of great practical gifts. The first is the thing you know they need. Maybe they've been dropping subtle (and not so subtle) hints about how their waffle iron stopped working and oh, it's the holiday season? What a coincidence.

How To Survive Holiday Travel

Whether you’re heading home to spend the holidays with family or jetting off on a tropical vacation, traveling during the winter holidays can be hectic and stressful. Even though it’s hard to avoid the chaos that comes along with holiday travel, there are a few things you can do ahead of time to reduce the stress!

7 Small Towns In Europe Worth Visiting

Even though big capitals like Paris and London are the most popular places for tourists to visit in Europe, there are several small towns that are well worth a visit. Escape the bustle of the city and enjoy all the food, history, and culture of a country in a more relaxed setting by visiting one of these 7 small towns in Europe!

Travel Bloggers Shafeen & Waseem Shaheed Share Their Favorite Places

As a travel blogger, I'm constantly inspired by the people who create beautiful content around me. Scrolling through my Instagram feed, I see nothing but beautiful destinations and incredible adventures that are truly drool-worthy. The people behind those images inspire me to travel more, live more and dream big.

The Affordable Luxury of Costa Rica

In the last few years, it seems like everyone I know has flocked to Costa Rica on vacation. For a while, I thought it must have been the flight prices or the fact that it's only 5 hours from Los Angeles International Airport, and that there are a high proportion of English speakers. While these are all true about Costa Rica, I didn't realize quite how magical the country was, until I went for myself

London’s Themed Bars Prove Nightlife Can Be Playful

Among all the old-school pubs and flashy nightclubs, a new experience has taken over London’s nightlife scene. Immersive cocktail experiences are all the rage in the UK capital, with several ornately themed bars opening in the past year

Footwear for Frequent Flyers

There are two schools of thought when it comes to choosing the shoes you wear to the airport. The first school says you put on comfortable shoes that are easy to take off, so you don't look like an oaf fumbling with laces at security. The second says that you wear your heaviest shoes, the ones that would add a ton of weight and take up too much space in your bag.

Must-See Films About Space Travel

The first published depiction of a manned artificial satellite was in a work of speculative fiction that appeared in The Atlantic (then known as The Atlantic Monthly) in 1868. "The Brick Moon" by Edward Everett Hale imagined the construction of a giant sphere constructed of bricks that could serve as a navigational aide.

(VIDEO) Inside Highland Park’s Hidden Vintage Treasures

We took a trip to Highland Park and met with Actress/Stylist Kym Allen to get schooled in the art of thrifting. We visited Charlie Roquette, The Bearded Beagle, Urchin, Leader of the Pack, and Weepah Way. The welcoming store owners explained what makes for a good thrifting experience, and provided insight on how the secondhand market influences the fashion world.

Dark Tourism: Seeking Out the Dangerous and Derelict

If you like visiting weird, macabre, or creepy places when you travel, you might be a dark tourist. “Dark tourism” is a travel trend that has gained a lot of attention in recent years as people flock to places associated with tragedy, death, or mystery. In the late 1990s, this concept was officially introduced by two academics, John Lennon and Malcolm Foley, in their booked titled Dark Tourism

Fool Proof Cold Weather Style

Fall and Winter are often the favored seasons when it comes to clothing, for the simple reason that it's an opportunity to wear more of it. Sometimes, simply adding your favorite jacket to a jeans-and-t-shirt outfit turns it into a capital-l Look, and the months of October through March offer ample opportunities to layer up.

Short Reads For Long Flights

There are people who cannot fall asleep on airplanes. I know, for a fact, that I am one of them. Once, in an attempt to force myself to fall asleep during a marathon flight from London, England to Los Angeles, CA, I stayed awake for most of the night before.

Travel Writers Dish On Their Best Meals Abroad

Local food can make a huge impact on the way we experience new places when we travel. Something about the combination of delicious food, a beautiful setting, and friendly locals can make the experiences we have abroad incredibly memorable. I asked my travel writer friends to share the best meals they’ve had abroad, and they didn’t disappoint.

A Weekend in Northern Morocco

Morocco is one of the trendiest travel destinations in the world right now, with thousands of tourists flocking to the country to explore its winding medinas and admire its unique architecture. When I visited Morocco, I fell in love with the beautiful cities and the culture, and now I can’t wait to go back.

How to Experience Paris Like a Local

Paris, France is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, drawing over 23 million visitors in 2017. People come from all over the world to enjoy world-class museums, eat delicious food, and watch the Eiffel Tower sparkle. In a city so overrun by tourists, having an authentic experience can be a challenge.

How Los Angeles Impacted The Art World

Los Angeles has long been the epicenter of the American low-brow and pop culture landscape. Movies and  TV shows have long been filmed (and set in) LA, making the city the center of pop culture. But the city's value as an influence for highbrow and fine art has long been undersold.

Best Long Weekend Destinations In The US

Sometimes the best vacations are the ones that are truly spontaneous. Maybe you see you have a three day weekend coming up, or happen upon a can't-miss airline deal, for example. Short jaunts to nearby destinations can offer some truly great surprises. In the United States the main cities are often very far from each other. Hopping a couple state lines, rather than flying across the continent, can offer a great opportunity to maximize a limited amount of vacation time.

The Complex History Behind Summer’s Best Cocktail

It’s no small irony that summer’s best cocktail is associated with a country better known for rain and fog than sunshine. I’m referring to the gin and tonic, a drink that was created during the height of the British Empire.

The Never-Ending Beauty of Florence

If you like beautiful architecture, interesting history, and delicious Italian food, you need to visit Florence, Italy. Florence is the capital of Tuscany, a central region of Italy, known for its rolling hills, vineyards, and olive groves. Florence has been a center of commerce and activity since it was founded in 200 BC. This Tuscan city is considered to be the birthplace of the Renaissance, so you can expect to see lots of famous artwork and historical buildings from this time period in Florence!

Long Beach United: The Gem of Retro Row

Consider the American boxing gym, an iconic but declining staple of the fitness industry which has been diluted by the marketability of recycled ideas like workout plans, diet pills, and gym memberships.

Know Before You Go — Travel Advisories and What They Mean

Safety is always a major concern when traveling abroad, but recent travel warnings released by the US State Department for countries frequented by American travelers have caused some people to rethink their vacation plans. On any given day, there are dozens of active travel warnings advising against travel for several countries and regions throughout the world, including popular destinations like Mexico, Russia, and France. Travel warnings can seem daunting, but they don’t necessarily mean you should rethink your travel plans.

Three Key Tips To Make The Most Out Of Traveling Alone

“Alone” is one of those words with an unnecessarily negative connotation -- people conflate it with loneliness and despondency, assuming that if a person is alone it’s because they have no one to spend time with.

An Art Lover’s Guide to Paris

It’s no secret that Paris is home to some of the best art in the world. The Louvre, located in the center of Paris, is the largest and most visited museum in the world. In this former royal residence, you can find famous works of art like the Mona Lisa and the Venus de Milo. However, with an average of 15,000 visitors every day, the experience at the Louvre can feel crowded and rushed. Venture beyond The Louvre, and uncover some of Paris’ less-visited artistic treasures and enjoy stunning collection without hoards of tourists.

Inside Cuba’s Tech Revolution

Anyone who doubts that the tech revolution has touched every corner of the globe needs only to look to Cuba, where the island notorious for its lack of technology and famous for its proliferation of 50's cars is fostering a bourgenoing start-up culture. From digital magazines to apps that work offline, a new generation of creatives is giving the tech giants of Silicon Valley a run for their money in terms of sheer ingenuity.

Exploring The Los Angeles Art Haven In The Heart Of Chinatown

Between the arts district, MOCA’s two locations, and The Broad, downtown Los Angeles is a must-visit for art-lovers. Hidden from the main streets and these famous locations are a smattering of some of LA’s best galleries, including a robust art scene in Chinatown.

Thermal Spas and Ruin Bars: Inside Hungary’s Vibrant Capital

Hungary’s vibrant capital, Budapest, has everything you could want in a European travel destination – great food, beautiful architecture, and exciting nightlife. Even though Budapest has every hallmark of a popular travel destination, it has stayed under the radar until recently.

Mark Bradford is Los Angeles’ Defining Artist

Mark Bradford was chosen to represent the United States at the 2017 Venice Biennale, which is one of the most prestigious art events in the world. The 57-year-old has more than earned it -- while his career only formally began in the new millennium, the prolific artist has quickly become one of the most sought after and acclaimed artists of our time.

Essential West Coast Coffee Institutions

It seems almost ridiculous to describe a beverage that’s been consumed since at least the 16th century as “booming,” but coffee, for lack of a better word, is booming. Even in tea strongholds like the UK, coffee has made major inroads.

Tips to Survive Cycling to Work in the City

Bicycle riding has historically been and still remains one of the best ways to get around. Despite constant improvements and innovations in cars -- and the relative stagnancy of bicycle improvements -- the humble two wheeler still remains more popular worldwide than the automobile.

How Surfing Conquered The World

The ocean has always been a curiosity and inspiration, even to those who have been around it their whole lives. Its crystalline waves give, take and give back in a way that still holds as much mystery now as it did centuries ago. The world over, hundreds of thousands of people everyday enjoy the swirling playground the water provides, but no activity is more iconic or storied than surfing. While perceptions of surfing are often limited, with many seeing it simply as an extreme water sport, the art of surfing dates back centuries. Though documentation is limited, oral histories from dozens of cultures along the Pacific Ocean detail the sport's long history. 

Charleston, South Carolina is America’s Unlikely “It City”

Every year, millions of travelers from the United States and abroad visit New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago. While each of these cities offer unique experiences and are well worth a visit, a much smaller city has become a major US destination in recent years. Charleston, South Charleston has topped Condé Nast’s Reader’s Choice list as the best small US city, and other top international travel magazines are following suit, featuring the beautiful and historic city as the perfect destination for people from across the world.

Is Fashion Art? For The Team Behind Motif No.3, The Answer Is Clearly Yes

I meet Maggie and Joel Bear at Maru Coffee, a small, airy cafe tucked into an industrial part of the downtown LA Arts District. The husband and wife duo are one half of the team behind leather bag brand Motif No. 3, whose products are as high-minded and conceptual as the cryptic name might imply.

Stylish Luggage Makes Air Travel (Slightly) More Bearable

At the risk of stating the painfully obvious, flying can be stressful. There's the paranoid grasping at pockets to ensure the passport is still there and the incessant checking of the gate numbers, coupled with the near certainty of catching a cold. To top it off, after an already long flight comes an even longer wait at the baggage carousel.

Country Music’s New Era

Despite obvious and stark auditory differences between hip hop and country music, the two genres are steeped in a lot of the same history. As such, they've both been subjected to many of the same critiques -- scrutiny has been leveled at lyrical content that's seen as celebratory of hedonistic behavior, and subtly elitist attitudes often seep into discussions of both genres

Different Coffee From Around The World

For devout coffee drinkers, however, it often seems like there's not much in the way of variety -- the choice seemingly comes down to espresso or drip, and if you want a small, medium, or large. And, while good old fashioned black coffee is good all the time (except maybe before bed), it leaves out a world of innovation regarding the little black bean that powers the world.

15 Great Architecture Instagram Accounts to Follow

Without any formal education in the subject, it can be hard for the layperson to stay up to date with the architecture world. Fortunately, Instagram offers a great way to follow the many, many accounts that focus on all all aspects of the architecture world, from conceptual drawings to beautiful classical buildings.