Coimbra, Portugal
40.2033° N, 8.4103° W

" A Red toned winter afternoon in the city"

" A great spot to admire the  Nova Cathedral"

40.2095° N, 8.4246° W

 Cascade of houses in Coimbra 

40.2033° N, 8.4103° W

The Imposing Santa Cruz Monastery.

40.2109° N, 8.4287° W

" Lost in Palácios Confusos"

40.2143° N, 8.4320° W

" Casa Medieval, the oldest house in Coimbra"

40.2079° N, 8.4296° W

The medieval  Velha church.

40.2088° N, 8.4270° W

Gonçalo Saraiva is 28 year old photographer from Portugal. He is famous for his stunning street and cityscape photography of his city, Coimbra. A riverfront city in central Portugal and the country’s former capital. Gonçalo shoots most of his images on his Canon camera or Samsung phone. Follow him on Instagram for more inspiration.