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Most Americans would agree with this statement. A poll conducted by market research company YouGov, found that 54% of Americans believe in extraterrestrial intelligent life. The phenomenon of UFOs and aliens has been entertaining us for over 90 years. It’s not so much about the truth of extraterrestrial life but more about the appeal of a belief that we are not alone that interests us.


What is America’s obsession with aliens? The golden age of Science fiction rose in the 1950’s creating mass-paranoia of alien invasions. Since then, the concept of another life outside of earth has been mainstream. It’s not hard to understand why this topic is so popular. Whether you believe in these ideas or not, there is no denying that the thought of intelligent alien life is fascinating. There are over 600 movies released on the subject. Hundreds of televisions shows and documentaries focused on the genre. Countless amounts of forums and conversations online can be found discussing alien life. In July, the internet went crazy over the Facebook event started to Storm Area 51. Currently, 2 million Facebook users jokingly signed up to breach the gates of the most famous top-secret government base that conspiracy theorist believe houses alien secrets.


Area 51 Research Center
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It’s clear we have a fascination with aliens, spaceships, and all things extraterrestrial. If you are a believer or not, visiting some of America’s most fascinating extraterrestrial attractions make for a fun time. So…is the truth out there? One way to find out is to visit some of these cosmic sites.





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Odds are, you already heard about Roswell, New Mexico. It is home to the famous crash site of an alien spacecraft. On July, 7th 1947, a rancher named W.W.Brazel discovered something strange out on a sheep ranch northwest of the town. The next day the local paper released the headline “RAAF CAPTURES FLYING SAUCER ON RANCH IN ROSWELL REGION.” Even though the government declared that it was a nuclear test surveillance balloon that crashed that night, it did not stop the town of Roswell from creating one of the most unique alien friendly destinations in the world. Roswell is full of alien-themed restaurants, shops, and museums. The city even hosts an annual UFO festival that draws enthusiasts and skeptics alike from all around the world and US. This year, over 17,000 visitors attended the event.


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If you plan on visiting Roswell, make sure to check out these sites:

  • International UFO Museum and Research Center
  • The Interactive Roswell Spacewalk
  • Spaceship-shaped Mcdonalds
  • The 1947 UFO crash site





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This strange roadside attraction is along Route 95, in Bowman, South Carolina. In 1994, Jody Pendarvis determined that if visitors from another planet decided to pay us a visit, we need to provide them some southern hospitality. So he built a welcome center in his backyard. As an ambassador for intergalactic travelers, he wanted to provide a facility where beings from other worlds can rest after a long journey. Therefore he built a 42 ft wide flying saucer out of fiberglass, wood, and plastic. It’s fully furnished with a bed, TVs, Air Conditioner, and even a full bathroom.





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If you are looking to spot UFOs in the sky, then making a pilgrimage to Sedona, Arizona is a must. It is one of the most popular sites in America for witnessing UFOs. There have been hundreds of reported sightings of things that are out of this world. Even former governor, Fife Symington, stated he witnessed a massive delta-shaped craft while watching the Phoenix lights one night. While the sighting in Sedona skies goes beyond conventional explanations, this still is a popular destination for UFO enthusiast and even skeptics.

One of the best tours offered is the Sedona UFO & Vortex Tour run by Anita Owens. This is the most prominent UFO tour operator in the US. They utilize 3rd generation night vision goggles that allow you to see a million more stars that are not visible to the naked eye. According to its website, sightings are GUARANTEED!

If you are looking for a more exciting experience, join Melinda Leslie’s nightly tour. She is an alien abductee who has decades of experience on human abduction and UFO sightings. She has been featured on Travel Channel, National Geographics, and Syfy.





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On December 9, 1965, a fireball was reported by thousands of people across six states and even Canada. The object ended up crashing in a small town of Kecksburg, Pennsylvania. Since that incident, the unidentified object has been a subject of debate. Astronomers first stated it was a meteor, then in 2005, NASA declared it was a Russian satellite that was lost. Whatever the true story really is, locals pay tribute to the incident. After the TV Show Unsolved Mysteries filmed an episode about the phenomenon, the town resurrected the life-size recreation of the object that was used in the filming of the show. Now when you visit Kecksburg, Pennsylvania, you can see the acorn-shaped object on display.

Best time of the year to visit Kecksburg is during the town’s annual UFO Festival. The community commemorates its paranormal past by throwing a parade, fireworks show, and even a UFO hot dog eating competition. The three-day event is full of food, drinks, crafts, vendors, and much more. Feel free to dress up like an alien and enjoy the festivities.





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Most likely, you already heard about Area 51 way before people decided to raid the top-secret military installation. This Nevada Air Force base has for a long time been a hotbed for UFO conspiracy theories. Many alien believers deem this place as a storage facility for aliens. Others believe this is where government officials examine alien spacecraft from crash sites like Roswell. Some also think this is where the government builds alien-like aircrafts from top-secret technology discovered in space. All these conspiracy theories steemed from hundreds of reported UFO sightings in the 1950s. Ever since then the cover-up allegations haven’t stopped. Even though you can’t get the answers you are looking for because this is still an active weapons testing facility. You could still enjoy alien themed attractions nearby. The most nearby town of Rachel is the place to talk to locals and learn about the most famous UFO site. Although the population of Rachel is only 54 people, there is a good chance you can get yourself a personal tour to borders of Area 51 and see some alleged alien sites.


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Visitors have to drive through Route 375 to get here. It is better known as The Extraterrestrial Highway which runs adjacent to the Nevada Test and Training Range. Here are some things to do and see while on your cosmic road trip:

  • Enjoy all the alien-themed gas stations, restaurants, and gift shops along the way.
  • Stay and eat at the cleverly named motel, Little A’Le’Inn. Their burgers are out of this world.
  • Stop by ET Fresh Jerky which offers free samples and be sure to “Drop your Toxic Waste in the Cleanest Restrooms in Area 51”.
  • Take a picture at the infamous ET Highway Sign.


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