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Ever play Super Mario Kart and wonder “I wish I can do this in real life”? Well, you kinda can. Check out this city guide by Aja Mack @asiainwanderland on go-karting in Tokyo, Japan.


One of the best ways to see Tokyo and the surrounding areas is by Karting. Karting is legal in Japan and there are numerous companies available you can book with. We booked this activity with Go-Kart Roppongi (no affiliation with Nintendo) on govoyagin.com and picked the short course, which is an hour-long. My travel buddy Erica and I got to ride through Roppongi, which is a ward in the Minato district of Tokyo, and kart out to the Shiba-ken district to see the Tokyo Tower. Tokyo Tower is a communications and observation tower whose design was inspired by the Eiffel Tower and stands at 332.9 meters. It is the second tallest structure in Japan. 


You don’t have to dress up, but if you choose to, you can bring your own onesie or pick from a character from their closet. I recommend wearing the onesie because it makes it more Mario Kart style official. Unfortunately, throwing turtle shells and fireballs are not allowed, but it is still an amazing experience, especially if you’ve never driven on the left side of the road before.


I highly recommend bringing your own GoPro or you can rent one from the company. After this activity, you can walk over to Shiba Park and enjoy a delicious crepe while you take an elevator to the top of Tokyo Tower. The trip to the top of the tower was pricey, so we opted out, but we got to see some Cherry Blossoms and authentic Japanese shrines throughout the park. To drive a Go-Kart, you will need an International License to participate in this activity. You can get a license in person from your local AAA office for around $20. Go-karting in Tokyo, Japan is a must-do if you plan on visiting the city.