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North of the famous Santa Monica Pier lies one of the most diverse coasts in the US. A place known mostly for its beaches, surfers, and scenic drives. Malibu, California offers breathtaking rocky bluffs, secluded beaches, very tall safari grass hikes, natural swimming holes, and a very majestic Hindu temple. There are hidden places in Malibu that most visitors don’t know about. Here are some gems that are worth the one hour drive northwest of Downtown Los Angeles.


34°6′3″N, 118°42′40″W

Malibu Creek State Park is a gem hidden deep between the breathtaking Santa Monica Mountains. Picturesque nature awaits you here as you encounter different types of paths on one of the many hikes trails that are available. The first trail that I embarked on left me thinking I was somewhere out on an African Safari. The scenery is full of golden blonde 6-foot tall, dry grass surrounded by little hints of the very green life that overtakes the oasis. As you walk through the easy hike trails, you will notice on top of the first hill is a large abandoned water tower full of life. Surrounded by lemon green trees and brushy gold grass in its entirety. It is a super rad spot to walk up to for a quick, peaceful break while enjoying the breathtaking scenery of the land.


34° 06′ 12.4″N, 118° 42′ 50.4″ W

The Malibu Creek hike leads you to a new trail that brings you to one of the coolest places in the entire park. Accessible to everyone of all ages, the natural water hole in between the rocks is one of the most popular spots for locals to take a dive into. The walk there is mainly flat and full of surrounding trees, however only towards the end of the trail do things tend to get a bit rocky. This transition happens when you go past a very huge rock that almost gives you the impression of pride rock from the Lion King. Once past that rock, you are practically at one of the best hidden places in Malibu Creek. Surrounded by numerous rocks, it is the perfect scene to take a very refreshing dive. People were climbing up onto the medium-sized boulders to take a thrilling jump into the water, which was deep enough for this to be possible. All you could hear was splash after splash, joy after joy, an endless summer dream.


34.095103°N, 118.709687°W

Right down the street from Malibu Creek lies a very unordinary but super beautiful temple. Built-in 1981, the Malibu Hindu Temple is a spiritual place dedicated to the god Venkateswara. When walking into the temple, remove your shoes, as it is a very sacred practice. Be sure to be respectful at all times as you glance at the divine artistic monument. The enormous white pillars stand full of religious engravings and in the background the ever so majestic Santa Monica Mountains. This place is a must-visit because of how beautiful it’s architectural design is, as well as how peaceful the site itself is. You would have never guessed something like this is located here. A must-see if you are looking for hidden places in Malibu.


34°0′3.14″N, 118°48′24.62″W

A short drive down from Malibu Creek is the famous Point Dume, another spot hidden in Malibu from tourists. Point Dume is a natural reserve that contains a secluded beach and many rocky cliffs. Having trails on the top of the cliffs, it’s an estimated fifteen-minute walk around the lovely edge with views of the waves crashing onto the rocky surface below. There is the presence of marine life along the way with the sight of animals such as sea lions, seagulls, and if you are lucky enough, some dolphins in the distance. Heading down to the bottom is accessible both by a parking lot, as well as stairs that lead all the way down to the beach itself. There are two beaches at this spot, one that is full of flat white sand, the perfect place to grab shade, and a little refreshment. At the end of this beach lies the other shore that is concealed behind the rocks. The path to get onto the other side is very rocky. However, it is still simple to get there. You just have to walk around the rocky edge, and you will make it to the private and secluded side. At this spot, the waves tend to be much stronger as it is located in a somewhat rocky cove. The views, however, are what make this place feel like you are on some island in the Mediterranean Sea.

Malibu is one of California’s best surf spots. Ever wonder how surfing got started? Read How Surfing Conquered the World.



Currently an undergrad student, Carlos is looking to make a career out of Photojournalism and pursue his dreams of traveling the world. His goal is to show the world a bit of just how much beauty surrounds us. Through the words and photos, he hopes to spread a message of endless positivity.

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