Throughout history, the mural has been a way for artists to visualize issues both personal and profound, and express these issues publicly through abstraction and representation. We took a stroll around a few neighborhoods in SoCal to check out the abundance of murals by various artists in the area. In the video, each mural is shown for only a couple moments, allowing each artwork to both speak for itself and blend together with the other works. In this way, the video presents a snapshot of the artistic life of the city. 

Camera: Sony A6300

Sony E 35mm f/1.8 OSS Lens

Credits: Shot, Edited by: Aman Uma

Produced By: The Lore Co.

Artists Featured: Bumblebee, Cinta Vidal, Cryptik, Dave Van Patten, DFace, DJ Neff, The Draculas, Hitozuki, Hueman and Madsteez, James Jean, Jen Stark, Jim Coke, Jonas Never, Kevin Lyons, Mina Hamada, MuckRock, Nosego, Ryan Milner, Sel, Telmo Miel, Tristan Eaton, and Zenka