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Before leaving for Norway we decided to make this trip about spontaneity, so we did not book anything in advance. With that, the night we arrived we booked our first excursion through Tromso Arctic Reindeer.  There are different packages you can choose from, we ended up choosing the feeding and Sami culture and opted out of the reindeer sleigh ride. We left the hotel that morning and took a 25-minute bus ride to the farm (included in the package) where we were able to spend hours walking through the fields feeding and taking lots of photos of the reindeer. It was such an awesome experience. Just when our hands were starting to get cold it was time for lunch (also included in the package). Lunch was homemade reindeer soup (a delicacy in Norway), cookies, tea, and hot chocolate. Then everyone met up in the Lavuu and we learned about the Sami Culture, reindeer herding and even performed a Joik (traditional Sami song). Honestly, this excursion was more fun than we had anticipated. Definitely a must in Tromso!

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