Stylish Luggage Makes Air Travel (Slightly) More Bearable

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At the risk of stating the painfully obvious, flying can be stressful. There’s the paranoid grasping at pockets to ensure the passport is still there and the incessant checking of gate numbers, coupled with the near certainty of catching a cold. To top it off, after an already long flight comes an even longer wait at the baggage carousel. That’s why frequent flyers often take up small habits to assuage the bigger, unavoidable discomforts. Slip-on shoes at security, or noise-canceling headphones during takeoff, for instance.

There’s not a whole lot to be done about the baggage wait, however. While it has been reported that if you’re the last person to check in you’ll be the first to get your bag, this obviously comes with its own risks. One small thing you can do is get some unique looking luggage. This will avert the awkward likelihood of grabbing someone else’s black hardshell roller, all while offering a chance to show-off (just a little). It’s not a “hack” that will radically transform the way you travel, but like I said, it’s the small things that make the difference. Here are a few options.



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The young brand is popular enough now that there’s a chance you’ll see someone toting around the same one, but Away’s luggage comes in 10 colors, meaning there’s plenty of opportunities to find a unique (and relatively affordable) piece of hard luggage. Shop 


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Iconic American bootmaker Timberland is also in the business of baggage. This predictably tough-looking offering comes in a unique ginger color, while also saying “don’t touch my stuff.” Shop

Supreme x Rimowa

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Knowing the ever-hyped streetwear brand‘s track record, this luggage collaboration with Rimowa may well be sold out by the time this article is published. That’s no reason to despair — this isn’t Supreme’s first time dipping into the bag and luggage market, and it likely won’t be the last. Shop

Weekenders and Duffels

Brooks Brothers

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This luxe leather duffel from Brooks Brothers more suggests “suited” than “booted,” but the rich cognac color adds a touch or ruggedness. That means it’ll work just as well with blue jeans and work boots as with a navy two-piece. Shop

Pacific Tote Company 

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It’s more of a weekender than luggage, but there’s no reason your carry-on shouldn’t also have personality. LA based Pacific Tote Company makes colorful duffels and totes, and their heavy canvas bags are an easy way to make a 2 day business trip feel like a beach vacation. Shop

Jack Spade


Preppy label Jack Spade (offshoot of the immensely popular womenswear brand, Kate Spade) mostly focuses on bags and accessories. From bright orange totes to asymmetrical camo to this striped duffel, it’s designed to be tastefully attention-grabbing. Shop