Barcelona, an enchanting city, is located in Catalonia, Spain and famously known for its Gothic Quarter. The Gothic Quarter or Barri Gotic, winds with narrow streets and with cobble-stones. Travelers from near and far, walk through some of the most ancient parts of the city. The quarter is planned out like a maze where each turn leads you to a hidden street lined with shops, tapas bars, or the warm scent of… churros con chocolate.

After exploring the distinct streets and breathing in the energy of the city, why not try this tasty treat? Churros con chocolate which is deep-fried sugary dough with a side of warm, thick melted chocolate for dipping- sounds irresistible, yes? Churros con chocolate is more than a simple dessert in Spain. It is a delicacy. It is comfort food that must be eaten at least once when visiting Spain, especially Barcelona.

La Granja La Pallaressa, located in the Gothic Quarter, is arguably the best Xurreria in the quarter, and possibly throughout the whole city. This local gem opened in 1947 and continues to have slithering lines out the door. Their churros con chocolate is memorable. The chocolate is rich served in a mug and ideal for sharing. The churros are sprinkled with sugar and with a buttery inside. La Granja La Pallaressa also offers various pastries for dipping. Melindros, which are ladyfinger cookies, and Ensaimada, a soft, sweet bread with powdered sugar. Expect to pay around 5 – 10 euro for the pair depending on how much you order for dipping. The service here is quick and spectacular as well.  

La Granja La Pallaressa offers a full experience for your tummy and soul. Remember churros con chocolate can be enjoyed as breakfast, a part of your lunch, after dinner, or a snack at any time of day. Provecho!

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La Granja La Pallaressa

Carrer de Petritxol, 11, 08002 Barcelona, Spain

Open Daily

9am - 1pm, 4pm-9pm


+34 933 02 20 36

Carrer de Petritxol, 11, 08002 Barcelona, Spain

Local food can make a huge impact on the way we experience new places when we travel.

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