The Australian based travel brand, TrvlBoutiq, has launched their latest accessory that is sure to have every travel fashionista left wanting!

What distinguishes the millennial traveller from the more traditional counterparts is the constant ‘storying’ and social media documentation that follows every moment of our exciting lives. The issue with this is, aside from the essence of the experience being lost to “which filter suits best?”, There is also the fear of dropping your precious phone while fumbling around when trying to capture these “millennial moments.” Most of the time they are too big for your pockets forcing it to be a ‘handheld’ dilemma. While often we are also forced to dig through our bottomless purses to find our phones, regardless they are always in the way of our “#trvl” adventures!


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The solution? An exquisite vegan leather, handcrafted Crossbody Phone Purse that will end all millennial nightmares. Not only does the open face allow quick and easy access to all your phone features. In addition to being spacious enough to hold up to three cards it also has room for your cash, in the pocket provided on the back half of the purse. It also comes with an adjustable strap which is incredibly convenient for anyone on the go. The strap is detachable for a quick and simple change from “Phone Purse” to “Phone Cover”. There is also space to attach your keys to the bottom of your strap hook, so you never have to worry about them falling off or getting lost!


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✓ 100% high grade vegan leather

✓ Fits up to 3 standard cards

✓ Adjustable crossbody strap

✓ Durable hard shell

✓ Gold tone hardware

✓ 100% satisfaction guarantee – If you are not satisfied with the product they will gladly issue a return


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We love that its made with “vegan leather”. The current market demand calls for animal-friendly luxury products, and we can say that this has been achieved through their extensive research and dedication to their customer’s desires. They have also chosen a bold and daring red material to be sown on the lining of the purse. To TrvlBoutiq, this represents the essence of every powerful, strong and resilient person in past, present, and future generations. Their message, “Be bold, brave and fearless in life!”.


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Since their recent launch, there has been increased popularity and demand for these travel cases, which is now being purchased and worn by fashion bloggers and influencers all over Australia. The Crossbody phone purse is great for travel use, but it is also an accessory that can be utilized in day to day life. Once you have one and see how convenient and simple it is to use you will never want to get a different case again.

This company was started by two determined women who are passionate about empowering other individuals. The Founders of TrvlBoutiq, Jessica Marchi and Jaemie Dela Pena realized there is no better time when you are traveling, exploring the world, and pushing your limits. To Jessica, travel is her happy place. ” I want to see and do it all, and inspire others to come with me on a journey.” Jaemie believes ” you become your best self when you’re traveling- you’re carefree, content, connected. You’re part of the work, discovering, developing, and being daring.” These young entrepreneurs didn’t just create a brand inspiring you to travel, they are building a movement for women to connect and support each other.


TrvlBoutiq strives to encourage people to say YES! to new adventures and wants to give a sense of wander to everyday life. Their phone purse is an homage to easy chic living with a modern twist, and we know it will be a great addition to every traveller’s suitcase.

Check out their website to shop the Crossbody phone purse and their other travel accessories. You can also follow them on Instagram and Facebook.


Photo by @kalnberzina