Not a lot of people think of the capital of Ukraine as a travel destination. However, Kyiv (Kiev) is a multifaceted city that dates back to 1,500 years ago. The historical Ukrainian city is full of remarkable architecture, picturesque parks, and charming character that is sure to surprise any traveler. For someone who has never visited Kyiv, they might not know it is one of the most beautiful capitals in Europe. For the Instagram photographer looking for creative and new projects, no look no further than this stunning city.

Here are our Top 10 Instagram accounts from Kyiv, Ukraine to follow…

10.   @insta_kiev

The account, @insta_kiev, features and repost exceptional photos taken from the Instagram community in Kyiv. They post daily about exciting places and events going on in the capital. With Instagram’s translation tool, you get excellent insider information on whats going on in the city. @insta_kiev is also backed and supported by the country’s most well-known photographers and creatives.

9.   @belenko

The Instagram page of The Belenko Interior Design Studio is mouthwatering. While there might not be food in the photos, it is the interior decor of these restaurants that will have you astonished. Belenko designs the interiors of some of Ukraine’s best restaurants. If you are visiting Kyiv and are looking for a restaurant with a cool ambiance and vibe, check out Milkbar, Good Girl, Adelle, Fish & Pussycat, Steakhouse, Smorrebrod, and Mimosa. All designed by @belenko.

While Alinushka, aka @therealsoulmate, is actually from St. Petersburg, Russia, she resides in Kiev now and has the ability to capture authentic moments on the streets of Kiev. Her feed gives you a glimpse of the architecture of the city and the different types of people that live in it. Follow her Instagram for inspiring urban and street photography that plays with lighting, tones, and tells a story.

This is the Instagram page for one of the best event spaces in the city. Art-Zavod Platforma is located on the Left Bank of Kyiv. A lot of large scale concerts, events, and parties are thrown here. Art-Plant The Platform was originally a former silk factory with over 120,000 meters of available space. They also offer small exhibitions, classes, and pop-ups throughout the year. To locals, this is a cultural space where friends gather for all different types of events or soak up the sun during the summer days. If you are visiting Kyiv, @artzavodplatforma is a requirement, you won’t be disappointed. Make sure to check their calendar to see what festivals and events are going on at the time.

6.   @vsco.kiev

We are a fan of the @vsco.kiev page. They repost some of the best up and coming local photographers and travelers who are visiting Kiev. It is a great page if you like VSCO filters and a mix of cityscape, landscape, and street photography.

5.   @4ndrewnk

Andrey Makarenko, known as @4ndrewmk, is a Drone Pilot and photographer from Kyiv. When he is not teaching aerial photography, he is creating some of the best drone work in Ukraine. For Aerial Photographers looking for ideas and inspiration on what to shoot in the area, @4andrewmk is the person you should follow. He has captured some great shots of the city, The Motherland Monument, and even the abandoned Chernobyl site.

Yuriy Marmeladov is an Urban Explorer and a Ukrainian Ninja. But beware of his posts and stories because they might give you a heart attack. Yuriy climbs some of the highest buildings, bridges, and cranes in the capital of Ukraine to get some of the most impossible shots. He shoots with his friends, @shieyfreedom, @anton.kotee, @kytmnvs, and visiting Urban Explorers from other countries. There are probably very few places this Altitude Assasign hasn’t hit. His feed is very entertaining and honestly remarkable. @Marmeladdov and his friends also explore numerous abandoned sites near Kyiv. Follow this account for stunning roof climbing, train surfing, ghost towns, and stunning photography.

The Instagram page, @kyivbylocals, is a great insider guide to the Ukrainian Capital. It is well curated and features photography from local Ukrainians (hence the name). It’s an excellent account to follow if you looking for photoshoot locations or just want to see inspirational shots.

2.   @mel_nik

Valeriy Melnyk has been catching the attention of The World Photography Organization for his brilliant images. He won a Sony World Photography Award in the architecture category for one of his beautiful shots in Kyiv. They loved his use of bright light that complements the vivid colors and the interplay of symmetry in her work. Valeriy is a very talented photographer and captures images in the city like no other person possibly could.

1.   @velwe

Vlad Blackman is hands down our favorite Kyiv based creatives to follow. @Velwe‘s page features beautiful architecture, minimalism, and magnificent photography. He is an artist that takes his camera with him and goes out to discover something new. His aesthetic is an inspiration for a lot of the mood boards we use at The Lore Company. His aesthetic is very minimalistic, and he use of the colors grey, white, and black.

Vlad recently worked on a project with The Village (UA) to share advice on how to make photographic content stand out using only your phone camera and natural light camera. He collaborated with Apple to travel to the 5 most popular Kyiv locations to do a photoshoot and share tips with you. Check out the link in his bio to read more.

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