Travel Writers Dish On Their Best Meals Abroad

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Local food can make a huge impact on the way we experience new places when we travel. Something about the combination of delicious food, a beautiful setting, and friendly locals can make the experiences we have abroad incredibly memorable. I asked my travel writer friends to share the best meals they’ve had abroad, and they didn’t disappoint. These stories are sure to make you hungry, and they might inspire you to book a flight ticket to somewhere new!

Elizabeth Rhodes, Elizabeth Everywhere 


Seville, Spain


One night in Seville, I went to a small, locals-only restaurant with a few friends. While snacking on our jamón iberico and manchego cheese and sipping on our sangria, we started talking to the older men at the next table. Once they found out we were university students visiting Seville, they opened their wallets and showed us pictures of themselves from their days as bullfighters. Over a tapas dinner, we talked (in broken English and Spanish) about their younger days in the bullring. The food was simple, but the conversation with Seville locals made the meal really special.

Danial Ariff, Dans on the Road 

IMG_7414.JPGKyoto, Japan

Kaiseki Ryori

On a recent trip to Kyoto, I had one of the most quintessential Japanese cuisines there is – kaiseki-ryori. It is a traditional multi-course Japanese dinner, similar to the Western haute cuisine, where seasonally curated fresh local ingredients are used to craft each plate. My 12-course dinner at Momijiya Ryokan was a feast for the eyes and palate as each delectable dish of fish, tofu and vegetable was tastefully presented in its own ceramic bowl, bamboo basket or wooden tray.

Monique Wise, Wanderlust My Way 

IMG_7415.JPGVenice, Italy


After spending hours roaming the canals and alleyways of magical Venice, a friend and I settled on a small restaurant directly on the Grand Canal. I opted for the seafood spaghetti even though it was a new dish to me because sautéed clams, mussels, and calamari drizzled over al dente spaghetti will never not sound delicious. It’s also important to wash any Italian dinner down with at least of carafe of cheap, delicious wine. Now it’s hard to visit Italy without ordering this dish more than a few times, but my mind always wanders back to that first night in Venezia.

Melis, Melis Living 



Market Food

Your nose tells you when you’ve reached Lau Pa Sat, a diverse and exotic food market, known as a ‘hawker center’ in Singapore. The options are endless: from sizzling, juicy satay on the outdoor barbecues to sweet and sticky char siu pork noodles. I’ll never forget my first taste of chili crab there: a whole crab in a spicy but creamy chili egg stew with sweet buns to mop up the delicious juice. Nothing says Singapore quite like this unique dish!

KB, Her Life in Ruins 

IMG_7417.JPGMilos, Greece

Braised Lamb

While I was in Milos, I was seriously craving some traditional Greek cooking. A friend of mine who lives on the island recommend O Hamos Tavern, and I am still so happy he did years later. O Hamos Tavern was eager to welcome me and my American friends, even though it was the off season. We gorged ourselves on braised lamb, creamy veggies, and local wine, and we got to sign the “guestbook” (the chairs we were sitting in) before we left. The owners even sent us home with some of their recipes so we could recreate the fabulous meal at home.

Suzy Whittle, Suzy Stories


Rototua, New Zealand

Hāngi Feast

When visiting the Tamaki Maori Village in Rotorua, New Zealand, I had the pleasure of enjoying a traditional hāngi feast. After several weeks of budget travel a hot, well-cooked meal would have been welcomed regardless, however, this meal was beyond what I could have imagined. The hāngi is prepared by cooking meat and vegetables in a pit oven below the ground while covered in heated rocks. The smoky flavors and slow-cooked meats mean all the food is truly melt in the mouth, and extraordinarily tasty! Followed by a classic Kiwi Pavlova for dessert, I came away from the dinner well fed and a little more educated on Maori cultural traditions. I’d definitely recommend it to anyone visiting NZ!

Binny Shah, Binny’s Food and Travel 


BBQ on a Catamaran

Whilst in Mauritius, we had a day trip excursion on board a catamaran where we explored the nearby islands and went snorkeling in the Indian Ocean, as well as had the opportunity to swim with turtles. It is on this catamaran that I have had the most unique and best meal of my life – a BBQ on the Catamaran! It was so surreal watching the sausages sizzling away on the grill against the backdrop of the glistening Indian Ocean and they tasted absolutely incredible.

Article by Elizabeth Rhodes. Collages by Artem Kamalov. Find Elizabeth on TwitterInstagram, and her website. Also, don’t forget to check out the other travel writers who contributed to this piece.