Premiering today is our new video series called “5 Places, 5 Stories.”  In this episode, we teamed up with Sarah Moliski, a NY actress/comedienne currently visiting LA, as she showed us around her favorite places in the area!  Watch, like, subscribe!

Host: Sarah Moliski

Director/Editor: Aman Uma

Graphic Design: Sally Choi & Sean Travis

Motion Graphics: Aman Uma

Camera Operators/Sound Mixers: Artem Kamalov & Aman Uma

Locations: Sarah Moliski

Production: The Lore Company

Producers: Artem Kamalov, Sarah Moliski & Aman Uma

Special Thanks: Sarah Moliski, Seven from Trim, Kirsten from MudbuM, Coffee Coffee, Trim Hair Salon, MudbuM, Beverly Hills, Los Angeles Arboretum and Botanical Gardens, Elliot Plichta, Kevin Tran, Jonah Hill, Matt Whitecross & Mitch Lemos.